My Style Final Pieces

I was quite pleased with this particular show. My skill as a photographer has, in my opinion, jumped significantly from the inspirations show. There is a story in each of my pieces, or not. I’m not concerned with how I interpret the photos. That’s up to the viewer to see if there is a narrative there or not. My main focus on this show was variety. I wanted to do more than nature photography. There is a photo in the piece that is nature based, but all the pictures are meant to come as either great pictures separately, or in a package.

I broke some of my usual boundaries with these pieces. I used at least some editing and one photo is almost purely Photoshop skill. There is a mixture of tones, lighting, and space. I think that even if some aspects of these photos I loath, the fact that they were unique to me and my thinking is what makes them great. A sort of delving into the cavernous pits of my mind experience, especially with my piece “Valley”.   I obviously don’t have a handle on all things Photoshop, but i think it turned out great, other than a novice mistake with the layering in the final product.

All of these pieces to me represent a little nook or cranny in my life. “Wizard” represents the appreciation and love for not only fantasy writing, but my awesome dad who stood in the middle of the road at 12am and showered himself in sparks numerous times so I could get a good shot. “Webbing” is my love for Arizona’s landscape and absolutely timeless landscape. There’s nothing like Arizona, and I love living here. “Valley” stands for my crazy mind. I love reading all sorts of strange fiction. Whether that be The Forgotten Realms series, or delving into eldritch lore with H.P Lovecraft. This image symbolizes my love for strange things.


5th period antics

This about sums up the work we get done in our 5th period.
My friend is camera shy, and attempts to escape… behind her hand? More planning required.
On a more serious note, this is a small PSA. DO NOT PICK YOUR SCABS. This is the result of such actions. Doesn’t look like much fun now does it?


I enjoy the color of this image, the flowers bring a vibrancy to the half dead plant in my friends yard. I think this image is sort of a duel edged sword of emotions. Its a plant full of color and beauty, yet its dotted with dead leaves.
I like the semi-symmetrical look of this picture. As I learned the principles of art, and what I should look for in a picture I learned to appreciate things like this tree, and what it brings to a photo.
I dig the shape of these leaves. I fell in love with this plant specifically because of its odd shape and dazzling flowers.